Saturday, February 25, 2017

Los 5 @ Pinecrest St. Rose

Ralph Krauss, digital coach at Pinecrest St. Rose in southern Nevada, organized a concert for his students starring the popular band, Los 5. One of his teachers assembled about 20 students to film the concert using the webcams on their Chromebooks. The plan is to edit the footage from the concert later in WeVideo.

This event impacted more students than just the ones at the St. Rose campus. The concert was live-streamed to the three other Pinecrest campuses so students there could be part of the fun.

Check out some of the photos from the event below and check back to the Water Cooler for a link to the student-produced Los 5 concert film.

If someone from your staff is planning an interesting lesson or a big event and would like to share it with the Nevada Ready 21 state team, contact one of the Professional Development Strategists.

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HyperDocs and the 21st Century Learner NR 21 Course-Multimedia Text Sets

Teachers across the state are participating in the HyperDocs and the 21st Century Learner Course that is being offered through Nevada Ready 21. One of the assignments in the course allowed teachers to create multimedia text sets around a topic they teach.

Multimedia text sets are usually Google Docs where teachers collect all of their different forms of media around a common topic in one location. This allows students to access all the different forms of media from just one document. Multimedia text sets usually have two columns. The first column links the students to the media and the second column allows students to reflect on what they learned as they viewed that multimedia source.

We would like to share the various multimedia text sets that were created by our very own Nevada state teachers in this course. You can access these on this Padlet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Technology Resources from Adobe Middle School

Allie Eckert is the digital coach at Adobe Middle School in Elko, NV and she has assembled a comprehensive technology resource website for her teachers. Eckert's website covers topics like the 4 C's of 21st century learning, foundations of technology integration, technology tools for the classroom, and digital citizenship, among others.

The 4 C's of 21st century learning include collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication and Eckert has curated information on these skills. For example, Eckert links to a 67 page document that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of various online collaboration tools!

Eckert's website is a work-in-progress, too, so you can count on her website's information, resources, strategies, and tools to continue to grow with the Nevada Ready 21 program.

Check out the Adobe Middle School Technology Resources website and continue transforming your 21st century classroom!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

"HyperSites"? A Google Site Take on the HyperDoc...

The New Google Sites allows anyone to feel like a professional web designer and build an easy-to-navigate website. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. In fact, teachers are harnessing the power of the New Google Sites to create website-based HyperDocs.

If I had to nominate an education buzzword of the year, it would have to be "HyperDoc"! Nevada Ready 21's own Susan Neal and Tearra Bobula built and are currently facilitating an engaging HyperDocs course on Canvas for teachers, coaches, and faculty in the program. So, what are HyperDocs?

A HyperDoc is a stand-alone packaged digital lesson designed to be interactive. The lesson can include content that is not normally included in a paper-based worksheet, for example, and can include links, videos, question prompts written within Google Forms, and opportunities for students to collaborate with one another.

Scott Hensley, librarian at Bob Miller Middle School in Clark County, has married HyperDocs and New Google Sites to create a new type of lesson he is calling a "HyperSite."

"You are going to want to see this," says Wayne Lawson, digital coach at Bob Miller. "Google Sites is amazing for integrating a full blown collaborative experience for students."

Hensley's HyperSite was made using New Google Sites and includes tasks, embedded Forms, links for students to research content, a YouTube video, and a quiz to assess what students learned. View his HyperSite example here.

HyperDocs, and now HyperSites, allow teachers to move their lessons up the SAMR Model scale to redefine the tasks we ask our students to complete. We teach 21st century skills to our students when we provide opportunities to our students to communicate, collaborate, be creative, and use critical thinking skills. HyperSites can help teachers do just that.

If you have an example of a 21st century lesson you would like to share with Nevada, submit it here!

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

Monday, February 6, 2017

EdTech Toolkit

Keeping a head full of EdTech tools, tips, resources, and strategies can get confusing! Is it "Quizlet" or "Quizizz" or the "CUE Conference"?!

To help her teachers keep it all straight, Coach LaRenda Norman of Greenspun Junior High School, has created the EdTech Toolkit, pictured at right. LaRenda has bundled informational cards for her teachers, each one printed with a new tool, tip, resource, or strategy. Teachers keep their cards organized on a ring and hung on a classroom wall close to their teacher Chromebook.

LaRenda writes, "They received about 20 cards at first and then I give them a new one every Monday to add to their kit. It's been pretty successful."

If you are a Nevada Ready 21 coach and would like to get started on a set of EdTech Toolkit cards for your teachers, download this template. Check out the list of resources LaRenda has already curated and download this Slide deck.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

SoNV Opportunity: Face-to-Face NCLab Training

NCLab offers powerful web-based coding language courses and is available to students and teachers in the Nevada Ready 21 program. The most popular course, Karel Jr, is a set of introductory programming lessons in which students write code that robot character named Karel will enact. The course starts out easy as each lesson builds on the one before. Other courses include training in Python and 3D modeling.

CTL and NCLab have teamed up to offer a training opportunity for teachers, coaches, and teacher-librarians in southern Nevada. Become an NCLab-certified educator by attending a full-day training. Learn how to use games as a strategy for learning, find ways to bring coding into your school, and explore NCLab's course offerings in person.

Check out the details below or by downloading this PDF >>.
  • Who: Teachers, coaches, and teacher-librarians from Nevada Ready 21 schools. The opportunity is available to only around 30 people.
  • What: Introduction to Game-based Learning with NCLab
  • When: Saturday, March 4, 2017 from 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M.
  • Where: CCSD Curriculum and Professional Development Building (map)
  • More details: The training opportunity is offered at no charge to Nevada Ready 21 schools. Lunch is included!
LINK: Register for the training here >> (password: Nevada)

Friday, February 3, 2017

New WeVideo and the 21C Learner Course Added!

Are you a teacher, coach, or faculty member at a Nevada Ready 21 school who wants to learn how to move your lessons up the SAMR scale? Do you want to learn how WeVideo can increase students' use of the 4C's? Do you want to take your lesson design to the next level?

Nevada Ready 21 is offering another online section of WeVideo and the 21C Learner from March 8 to May 16, 2017. Registration is free. Check out the flyer for a list of the modules and their dates. Please note we worked in a break in the middle of the course to accommodate the spring break for many schools involved with the grant.

The course has been approved by the Nevada Department of Education and will earn participants 3 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) they can use for license renewal. In addition, Clark County School District employees will earn 15 contact units to be used on their professional growth plan.

Don't wait, register now! Enrollment is limited to 24 participants!

Register for the class here: 

Read more about the course here:

Together we can move the needle and increase communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity in Nevada schools. Enroll today.

-Chris Justus

Las Vegas

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Get the Basics on the New Google Sites

Now anyone can make a professional website with very little web design experience! The New Google Sites allows teachers to create a dynamic web experience for their students that could include embedded Slides, YouTube videos, and even quizzes made with Forms.

If you need a little jumpstart to navigating through the Sites user interface, check out the self-guided tutorial below. The tutorial includes videos and instructions on how to create a new Site, link to new pages within your site, add pictures, and publish your new site.

Open the tutorial in a new window >>

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking to Engage Your Students in Real Time?

This is perhaps one of the coolest tricks I have learned utilizing "Poll Everywhere" and Google Slides! You can now create a Google Slides Quiz to engage all of your students. You create the questions, your students respond simultaneously, and the results are update live in Google Slides.

Click on the link here to learn how easy it is to get Poll Everywhere and Google Slides working together to engage your students, and in real time collect data to make instructional decisions from.