Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Classroom Management Tools

Allison Eckert, Digital Coach at Adobe Middle School in Elko, NV, saw a need for a Chromebook violation tracking tool for students. According to Ms. Eckert, each student has a copy of the Minor Violation Card in their Chromebook case. If a student violates one of their rules, the infraction is recorded on the card. Three minor violations result in 3 lunch dententions.

Violations can also be recorded on a shared Google Sheet, in case students lose card (intentionally or not!) This spreadsheet can be accessible to all teachers at a site, who could easily add a running tally of students' infractions.

Finally, Ms. Eckert made an online quiz for Adobe Middle School to keep students accountable for their Chromebook. The questions help students identify and understand their responsibilities with the use and care of their Chromebook.
-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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