Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Classroom Management Weekly Template

One of the biggest opportunities when running a tech-rich class is making sure your classroom management is on point. In my classroom I needed an easy way to get bellringers, assignments, homework, and links to my students. When I first started incorporating technology into my lessons, I would ask students to use Google to search for the link I wanted them to navigate to! This always invited unwanted discussions between neighbors, which in turn invited other students to chat, and soon enough, off task behavior ensued.

There has got to be another way!

Take a look at this handy interactive Slide deck. Using my lesson plans, I can easily add the week's bell ringers, assignments and links, and homework in one location. What's more, students who were absent the previous day can easily find out what they missed.

After you check out the sample assignments on the link above, download the template and start using it in your classroom to help manage how your students experience your class. On the last slide of the template, I have included Camtasia videos on how to embed the code into a Canvas page or how to link to it.

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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