Monday, February 6, 2017

EdTech Toolkit

Keeping a head full of EdTech tools, tips, resources, and strategies can get confusing! Is it "Quizlet" or "Quizizz" or the "CUE Conference"?!

To help her teachers keep it all straight, Coach LaRenda Norman of Greenspun Junior High School, has created the EdTech Toolkit, pictured at right. LaRenda has bundled informational cards for her teachers, each one printed with a new tool, tip, resource, or strategy. Teachers keep their cards organized on a ring and hung on a classroom wall close to their teacher Chromebook.

LaRenda writes, "They received about 20 cards at first and then I give them a new one every Monday to add to their kit. It's been pretty successful."

If you are a Nevada Ready 21 coach and would like to get started on a set of EdTech Toolkit cards for your teachers, download this template. Check out the list of resources LaRenda has already curated and download this Slide deck.

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