Wednesday, February 22, 2017

HyperDocs and the 21st Century Learner NR 21 Course-Multimedia Text Sets

Teachers across the state are participating in the HyperDocs and the 21st Century Learner Course that is being offered through Nevada Ready 21. One of the assignments in the course allowed teachers to create multimedia text sets around a topic they teach.

Multimedia text sets are usually Google Docs where teachers collect all of their different forms of media around a common topic in one location. This allows students to access all the different forms of media from just one document. Multimedia text sets usually have two columns. The first column links the students to the media and the second column allows students to reflect on what they learned as they viewed that multimedia source.

We would like to share the various multimedia text sets that were created by our very own Nevada state teachers in this course. You can access these on this Padlet.

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