Thursday, February 9, 2017

"HyperSites"? A Google Site Take on the HyperDoc...

The New Google Sites allows anyone to feel like a professional web designer and build an easy-to-navigate website. The user interface is intuitive and simple to use. In fact, teachers are harnessing the power of the New Google Sites to create website-based HyperDocs.

If I had to nominate an education buzzword of the year, it would have to be "HyperDoc"! Nevada Ready 21's own Susan Neal and Tearra Bobula built and are currently facilitating an engaging HyperDocs course on Canvas for teachers, coaches, and faculty in the program. So, what are HyperDocs?

A HyperDoc is a stand-alone packaged digital lesson designed to be interactive. The lesson can include content that is not normally included in a paper-based worksheet, for example, and can include links, videos, question prompts written within Google Forms, and opportunities for students to collaborate with one another.

Scott Hensley, librarian at Bob Miller Middle School in Clark County, has married HyperDocs and New Google Sites to create a new type of lesson he is calling a "HyperSite."

"You are going to want to see this," says Wayne Lawson, digital coach at Bob Miller. "Google Sites is amazing for integrating a full blown collaborative experience for students."

Hensley's HyperSite was made using New Google Sites and includes tasks, embedded Forms, links for students to research content, a YouTube video, and a quiz to assess what students learned. View his HyperSite example here.

HyperDocs, and now HyperSites, allow teachers to move their lessons up the SAMR Model scale to redefine the tasks we ask our students to complete. We teach 21st century skills to our students when we provide opportunities to our students to communicate, collaborate, be creative, and use critical thinking skills. HyperSites can help teachers do just that.

If you have an example of a 21st century lesson you would like to share with Nevada, submit it here!

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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