Saturday, February 25, 2017

Los 5 @ Pinecrest St. Rose

Ralph Krauss, digital coach at Pinecrest St. Rose in southern Nevada, organized a concert for his students starring the popular band, Los 5. One of his teachers assembled about 20 students to film the concert using the webcams on their Chromebooks. The plan is to edit the footage from the concert later in WeVideo.

This event impacted more students than just the ones at the St. Rose campus. The concert was live-streamed to the three other Pinecrest campuses so students there could be part of the fun.

Check out some of the photos from the event below and check back to the Water Cooler for a link to the student-produced Los 5 concert film.

If someone from your staff is planning an interesting lesson or a big event and would like to share it with the Nevada Ready 21 state team, contact one of the Professional Development Strategists.

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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