Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Technology Resources from Adobe Middle School

Allie Eckert is the digital coach at Adobe Middle School in Elko, NV and she has assembled a comprehensive technology resource website for her teachers. Eckert's website covers topics like the 4 C's of 21st century learning, foundations of technology integration, technology tools for the classroom, and digital citizenship, among others.

The 4 C's of 21st century learning include collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, and communication and Eckert has curated information on these skills. For example, Eckert links to a 67 page document that discusses the strengths and weaknesses of various online collaboration tools!

Eckert's website is a work-in-progress, too, so you can count on her website's information, resources, strategies, and tools to continue to grow with the Nevada Ready 21 program.

Check out the Adobe Middle School Technology Resources website and continue transforming your 21st century classroom!

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