Tuesday, December 6, 2016

WeVideo and the 21C Learner

WeVideo and the 21C Learner course is starting January 9, 2017 and is full with two sections of 24 students! Communicating with 48 people can be difficult, especially when each person needs to know their specific section and group they belong to.

I could have sent 48 individual emails to 48 different people with 48 different pieces of information they need to know... Or I could perform a mail merge and create 48 different messages at the click of a button! And I can do this all within the G Suite environment!

Install autoCrat, the add-on available for Google Sheets here. This add-on allows you to take raw data in a spreadsheet (or collected from a Form), merge the information onto a Doc template, create personalized Docs, and email them to specific people.

The best way to learn autoCrat is to install the add-on and try it out with the sample data and letter template below. Enjoy!
-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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