Thursday, March 9, 2017

When Chrome Extensions Go Bad- "Extension Viruses"

Who knew extensions could be bad or turn bad? I actually never really thought that much about it until yesterday!

While attending a GAFE Summit, one of the presenters showed off the "Web Paint" extension. Of course, I always like to play with new toys so I immediately installed the extension from the Google Web Store. A box popped up with permissions asking me to allow them. I usually never really read these (but after this experience I will.)

Yesterday, I turned on my computer and it freaked out identifying a virus. My anti-virus software nailed it down to the "Web Paint" extension. I immediately disabled and removed the extension from my machine and did some virus clean-up.

This morning, while checking my Twitter feed, I came across an article titled "When Chrome Extensions Go Bad" written by John Sowash on his blog. It specifically mentioned the "Web Paint" extension, which in my early morning hours before a Chai Tea, helped me to begin to connect the dots between my experience yesterday and the threats of extensions causing security risks.

Read the blog post to learn more about how best to protect yourself and what to do when you have an extension virus.

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