Tuesday, October 31, 2017

G Suite Updates!

Google for Education is always updating their products, and there are some new exciting features this Fall!

As you know, Forms is an awesome way to create quizzes and exams. The problem is that teachers would have to manually input student scores into Classroom after they take the exam. This is no longer a problem! Forms and Classroom are now able to "talk" to one another so teachers can easily transfer studet scores from Forms into Classroom. Take a look at the tutorial on the right to see how to accomplish this!

Google has added two new updates for Slides. The first allows you to import notes from Keep seamlessly into a Slides deck. In Slides, click Tools > Keep notepad. This will pull up all of your notes from Keep. It's then just a matter of pulling your Keep notes into a new slide!

The second Slides update will make your life easier, especially if you are a huge Forms user. You know how Forms will automatically create charts and graphs using the data you collected? Now you can easily copy a chart from Forms and paste it into a Slide. Take a look at tutorial on the right and start inserting more graphics into your Slide decks!

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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