Tuesday, December 12, 2017

G Suite Workhorse Series: Keep

Keep is an awesome productivity tool from Google. Because Keep integrates its reminders between Calendar and Inbox, I think this tool can be a game-changer. Keep also incorporates a powerful optical character recognition tool you can use to grab text from an image. 

First, take a look at how you can use Keep in your classroom by watching the embedded video. Then, complete the Task List below and set yourself up for Keep-success! Need a little extra help? Be sure to click on the help links for quick on-screen demos!

Task List

Task 1 — Install the Dualless screen splitting extension to Chrome (HELP!)

Task 2 — Open Keep in a new window. Using Dualless, split your screen so you have both this task list and Keep open in two side-by-side windows. (HELP!)

Task 3 — Create a new label in Keep titled Work. (HELP!)

Task 4 — Create a new note. Add your Work label to the note and change the color to blue. Add a reminder for tomorrow morning. Click Done. (HELP!)

Task 5 — Download this image to your Drive or computer. Create a new note and upload the image to it. Click on the  symbol then Grab image text. (HELP!)

Task 6 — Create a new list and type 2 or 3 sample tasks. Try adding a collaborator. (HELP!)

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas
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