Friday, December 8, 2017

Resources for Mathematics!

Hello Math Teachers –

Do you ever find that there is so much digital content available for teaching mathematics that you don’t have time to review every new digital resource? The National Council of Supervisors of mathematics suggests that all mathematical technology tools be evaluated to determine the extent to which they:

·         Integrate technology tools and software in ways to engage students with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice
·         Provide opportunities for teachers and/or students to collaborate and communicate with each other
·         Include opportunities to assess conceptual understanding and skill fluency through worthwhile mathematical tasks
·         Provide guidance for teacher use of tools and technology that supports and enhances student learning
(Van De Walle, Karp, & Bay-Williams, 2016, p. 136).

Below is a list of some recommended online mathematics resources to get you started:

Illustrative Mathematics

This resource includes vetted resources linked to standards through tasks, videos, and lesson plans.

Illuminations (NCTM)

            This resource includes learning resources, lesson plans and digital tools. There are also multimedia investigations for students and video vignettes to promote professional reflection. Additionally, Calculation Nation allows student to play mathematics games with each other over the Web.

Updates to Chrome might affect some resources. This link includes a list of interactives that are optimized using HTML5:

- Heather Crawford-Ferre, Ph.D.

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