Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Drab to FAB... How to Make the Peer-Reviewed Bell Ringer Doc

I am facilitating my Leveraging Online Tools course offered through the Nevada Ready 21 grant and one of the assignments is to create a dynamic Doc teachers can use with their students to increase the collaboration in daily lessons. As an example of what I'd like my participants to create, I turned a drab Doc into a FAB one with a few simple design tricks and tips I've learned over the years.

Before we get to how to improve the design of digital handouts, read through the problem I am trying to solve in my classroom and the Doc solution to my problem.

Problem: During the first 5 minutes of every period, students are expected to access my Slide deck where I house the prompt to the daily bell ringer. Students copy and paste the prompt into a Doc then proceed to answer the question. Every Friday, students turn that Doc in to me through a Google Classroom assignment and I grade their responses and input the grade to my gradebook. I use the grade from my bell ringer activity as a participation grade in my gradebook. The problem with my setup is that it takes too long to grade their response and it's almost not worth all the effort for a participation grade that is only worth 5% of the total grade. It can take up to an hour to get through it all! I'd like to create a system in which students can review the work of their peers, use a rubric to grade responses, and input grades to a form so I can easily transfer the grades to my gradebook.

Solution: My "Peer-Reviewed Bell Ringer" Doc will give my students an area to copy and paste the daily bell ringer prompt into a cell of a table for each day of the week. On Fridays, I will use this Random Group Generator to randomly assign students a peer-reviewer. Each student will type their name and the name of their peer-reviewer into the Doc. As a class we will go over each question and the peer-reviewers will provide feedback in the appropriate cell. I created a Form that I have linked to on the bell ringer Doc where students can input the participation grade along with the link to their peer's Doc (I want to include this so that I can keep everybody honest!) My Doc will help my students practice their collaboration skills because the peer reviewers provide feedback weekly to peers in their class. Since this peer review process requires a little "hand holding" at first, I plan to do some "think-alouds" with my students in which I tell my students my thinking process as I grade another student's work. I think that with a lot of practice, my students will be able to provide meaningful feedback to their peers!

I created a screencast tutorial on how I formatted my finished Doc. If you would like to learn my tips and tricks of how I turn a drab Doc into a FAB one, make a copy of the drab Doc to your Drive, watch the embedded video below, and follow along!

(Don't want to follow along to create the FAB version of my Peer-Reviewed Bell Ringer Doc on your own? Make a copy of the finished Doc to your Drive with this link.)

-Chris Justus
Las Vegas

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