Friday, September 28, 2018

21st Century PD for the Busy Teacher

The NR21 Strategist team are followers of #DitchThatTextbook. Thus, when an opportunity arose to be a part of the September encore session of their CUE Craft Ditch the Textbook Digital Conference sponsored by AdobeSpark - jumping ensued.  Each session featured the amazing Matt Miller (founder of Ditch That Textbook) dialoguing with influential innovators in BlendEd. Sessions included Google-powered learning discussions with Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning, The HyperDoc Girls, The Cult of Pedagogy with Jennifer Gonzalez, and many more. However, again what was unique about this experience was the delivery method.

Every conference session was presented in a Google Hangout session.  Wait, what? These heavy hitting innovators sat down in their t-shirts and jeans to chat about the latest trends in edTech. The conference was FREE and on-demand, allowing the ability to access the sessions at any time. Each session included presentation notes as well as Professional Development certificates.

Sessions were not edited for perfect quality.  Jazzy transitions, backgrounds, and sound effects were not added.  Why? The focus was how to change our mindset, how to blend our classrooms, and how to truly create 21st century learners.    

What an exceptional way to deliver PD!  If you missed this FREE learning opportunity, don’t worry. Another CUE Craft Ditch the Textbook Digital learning conference is coming soon. Be sure to check out the CUE page for other innovative PD events.

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