Friday, November 9, 2018

The Power of the Anticipatory Set

The anticipatory set is an activity that creates focus and sparks the attention of the class for the lesson that will follow. It is the hook, lead, or set induction. It is utilized at the beginning of a unit or lesson, where students complete a short activity to pique their interest and build prior knowledge.

For your anticipatory set to have maximum impact, provide ways that it can directly relate to the lesson topic, make points of connection throughout the lesson being taught and bridge to previous skills, strategies or lessons. To save time and yet always have the impact of the anticipatory set present, create your own top five list of anticipatory set strategies to reuse in future lessons. Also, consider implementing strategies from For instance, try Affinity Mapping.

Affinity mapping gives us a sense of where most people’s thinking is focused. Use an affinity diagram when you want to find categories within a cluster of ideas and when you want to see which ideas are most common within the group.”

Chromebook integration and the anticipatory set; create a connection with your lesson.

  • Select a key video or audio clip, photo, comic, article, or website related to the topic and upload to Google Classroom, Canvas, Padlet, etc.for students to respond to.
  • Present a connected discussion question on your Google Classroom homepage or in your class Canvas Discussion forum.
  • Digitally poll your students. Provide an analogy, story, or scenario that relates to your topic.
  • Provide T/F statements for your students to predict answers to.
  • Make a screencast where you tell a story. Having a screencast clip makes sure all learners have access to the lesson hook, even those who are absent.
  • Have students design something digitally.

NEPF connection suggestion: Standard 1: 

New learning is connected to prior learning and experience. 

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